Administrative Desk

Maa School ERP software is a boon for the administrative section of your school. The management of day-to-day administrative tasks has never been so effortless as it will seem to be with our school management software. School administrators get access to premium features of Maa School like Students Management, Staff Management, Examination Management, and Hostel Management, everything right from a single, dedicated dashboard.

Simultaneously, the user-friendly dashboard of our school software contains the tools to access any data linked to the students, parents, teachers or the non-teaching staff. The school administrators can easily store the data related to students mark sheet and certificates in Maa School ERP software and fetch the data as and when required. Furthermore, with Maa School, management of the information related to school staff members is pretty easy. For example, recording and managing their proofs of identification, educational qualifications, salary slips, leave requests, etc.

With Maa School software, the administrators can generate ID cards for their students and staff members, in a jiffy. Furthermore, communicating notices to the concerned stakeholder is very easy with our school management system.