Maa School software was designed keeping in mind the contemporary trend of encouraging uninterrupted collaboration among the students, parents, teacher and the school’s administration. Our school ERP software’s expertise lies in automating the routine repetitive tasks and eliminating the redundant burden on the staff members. Managing daily tasks like marking teacher and student attendance, making the timetable, managing leave requests, etc., require additional manpower, thus, Maa School has decided to automate such tasks.

Our school management system enables the teachers to mark their student’s attendance on any hand-held device like a smartphone. Then, Maa School’s intelligent ‘Collaboration’ feature automatically notifies the parents and the school administration about the presence of the students in the classroom. Moreover, Maa School ERP software can assign the subjects to a teacher as per their knowledge base & skills and can also manage the leave requests of students and the staff members.

This enhanced level of collaboration not only leads to better management of
the school, but also improves the overall productivity.