Long gone are those days when a teacher would put remarks in the student’s handbook, which never used to reach the parents. Our school management system has revolutionized this scenario by developing an advanced channel of communication between the parents and the teachers.

Maa School ERP software’s impressive ‘Communication' feature empowers the teachers to notify the parents about their child's performance instantly using personalized emails and SMSs. Parents are kept up-to-date about how their ward is progressing, behaving and responding to the questions posed by the teachers. Parents are also regularly updated about the curriculum, timetables and exam schedules of the students.

Our school software – Maa School – has moved another step further and allowed the school administrators to send the student’s progress report card to the parents via Emails. Further, to empower the students and parents community, the Maa School ERP software has designed dedicated feedback forms to notify the school administration regarding any complaint against the behavior of any of the teachers. It also includes an important feature called, ‘Complaint Tracking’, which helps to keep a track on the status of the complaint.