Our team of expert developers deems the safety of the students as the prime priority of our school ERP software – Maa School. Our school management system humbly takes on the onus of commuting the students safely between their homes and the school. Maa School, through its dedicated app, allows the parents to track the school bus in real time and receive the current location of their child’s bus.

Our school software eliminates the worries of the parents related to the whereabouts of their child. Just tap on Maa School and get a fair idea of the timings of bus arrival and get a panacea for all the anxieties caused by the endless traffic conditions.

Furthermore, Maa School ERP software has various details like the pick up and drop time of various bus stops, the route of different buses and many other details of the school transportation service. The parents are also provided with crucial information like the distance traveled by the school bus and its speed. Hence, parents are guaranteed the safety of their child, with our advanced school management system.