Hosting exams is like an annual festival of every school. It heats up the milieu of the campus with the hassles of crafting the question papers, evaluating answer sheets and creating progress report card. These activities, being manual, not just eat up a lot of manpower and time, but also, a lot of money.

Our school management system – Maa School – is designed specifically to transform the examination pattern of our schools. With Maa School ERP software, teachers are empowered to create and conduct online time-bound tests in the school premises. Maa School is solely responsible to check the answer keys, allocate scores and prepare the progress report of the students. These reports are regularly delivered to the parents via emails. In this manner, our school software prepares the students for future competitive exams, which are conducted online and also inculcates a spirit of competition among the class-mates.

Additionally, our school management system saves the school administration from incurring unnecessary expenses on purchasing paper. This ‘paperless’ approach gives way for the protection of our nature.