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An Overview

Maa School is a modern ERP software designed specifically for schools. Since its inception in 2015, Maa School ERP software and its mobile app has been augmenting the digital infrastructure of schools and other educational institutes. Our school software enhances the productivity of school by automating routine managerial tasks. It enables a bird’s eye view on the student & teacher’s activities and ensures a swift way of collaboration and communication between them. Thus, Maa School becomes a vital link that binds the school administration, parents, teachers, students, and the staff. We have received numerous feedbacks from our clients that Maa School’s automation has made the school’s workflow smooth and efficient. Furthermore, the virtual work environment created by Maa School is highly cost effective as it reduces manual labor.

Maa School is the brainchild of our dedicated development team which strives to fulfill our mission and vision, which is based on the concept of 4Cs, i.e., Communicate, Collaborate, Commute, and Compete.

How does MAA SCHOOL work?

Technology behind it

Our School ERP software – Maa School – is built on a high-tech development platform that can be considered as a blanket of advanced tools, which are rich in features. Further, Maa School and the technology behind it is resistant to any kind of cyber threats and attacks. This ensures the safety of your school and its stakeholder’s data. Our school management system is truly user-friendly and comes with an elegant dashboard that holds all the necessary tools in one place. Maa School and its app are fully compatible with different operating systems on computers and modern hand-held gadgets also.

Our team of experts ensures a smooth integration of Maa School with your in- house technologies which further helps augment the present digital infrastructure without costing anything additional. Get key insights on crucial factors affecting the productivity and reputation of your school, like, attendance, student evaluation and performance with Maa School easily.


Forget the hassles of delay or early arrivals of school buses with Maa School’s impressive school ERP software. Now parents can track the location of their ward's school bus directly from the app, furthermore, they can get exhaustive details of school bus routes, schedules, the current location of the bus & tentative arrival at preferred stop. This is the highest level of convenience and peace of a parent's mind.

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Maa School revolutionized the channels of communication in a school. It forms a two-way communication channel between teachers and parents. With our school management system, parents get instant access to student's attendance, their progress reports, completion of syllabus, school and holiday calendar and teacher's calendar. Also, parent/teacher chats help enhance communication between them.

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Our school software has been designed keeping in mind the archaic days when a sense of utter confusion prevailed in the minds of students and teachers. Maa School can send all mass communications from the school in the form of email or SMS to the parents, including school fee due-date, holiday schedules, assignment schedules, school timing changes, etc. are just some of the few notifications that parents can look up themselves.

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Maa School provides a dedicated portal where teachers can upload online practice tests and students can access them easily. This subtly enhances the student's sense of competition among his batchmates via regularly delivering progress reports to the parents. Further, conducting online exams can result in immense cost saving, since it discourages the use of paper. Going paperless will also help protect our nature.

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